William B. Selby Jr

I was always drawn to limbs, roots, and pieces of wood that I would find in the creek and river beds in my native North Carolina.  About five years ago I started fashioning them into unique lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers.  Each one is a work of art.  Once I have let the wood dry out , I clean and sand it to bring out the natural grain and coloring, afterward applying a clear coat that protects and illuminates the beauty and luster of the wood piece.  After wiring and making bases for the lamps I use copper tubing, river rocks and other touches.  My final step is to make my unique lamp shades. My shades are made of Sand.  I cast, dye, and then fire each shade.  Each one is made individually to fit the piece with an accent of hand blown glass then added.  My lamps can be found in Galleries in North Carolina and Georgia.

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